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Kids Relief® Cough and Cold Medicine Testimonials

Your product is AMAZING!

I will admit as a nurse, I was a little skeptical at first but after many sleepless nights and lots of tears my husband and I decided to try the teething formula. Within minutes of giving my 9 month old daughter a dose she was able to calm herself and fall asleep. It seemed too good to be true but it works every single time!! We had the same results with the pain relief formula. We are believers and can't wait to try other formulations

Ashley Gish, Heber City UT

I am a believer in your product!

My newborn son was very gassy and would get upset all the time.  I was at my local Vitamin Shoppe store and decided to purchase your product.  After just a few doses, I saw a big difference.  He actually slept most of the evening and was not crying.  I am a believer in your product.  I am going back to the store to purchase more!   Thank you so much for a great product.  I will definitely try some of the other ones in the future!


Giggles and Smiles with Kids Relief® Colic!

After battling colic for weeks with our 1 month old, today was a new day.  Yesterday we started using your colic drops with our daughter and now instead of crying we hear giggles and see smiles.  Our first child never had colic, so this was a new adventure for us second time parents.  We have tried everything before using your drops, and only had sleepless nights.  It's a relief to find something that is natural to help aid our baby and allow us to enjoy this time again.  Thank you so much for a wonderful product!!


Kids Relief® Calm is an awesome product!

My son is 3 and he is ADHD with bipolar tendencies.  I wanted to help him without having to put him on medication.  His doctor recommended your Kids Relief® Calm Syrup so I tried it.  Now I won't leave home without it.  I can't believe the difference in him. He was also having problems sleeping and now he usually sleeps through the night.  I just wanted to tell you this is an awesome product and I thank you for making it!!


Kids Relief® Calm helped my son!

I just got the Kids Relief® Calm about 5 days ago. We are on day 4 of use and already I have seen such an improvement in my son. He listens, will sit still for longer periods of time, and bedtime and errands time have been so peaceful and nice the last few days. I am keeping a journal to see how far the improvement goes. I just wanted to say thank you because now I don't think we are going to have to use a prescription for him which has scared me because of the side effects they can have. Thank you for this amazing stuff.

You now have me hooked!

Amazing!! I just bought the Kids Relief® Cough & Cold yesterday for my daughter who has been coughing so hard at night she had been throwing up. Gave her a dose before she went to bed and we didn't wake up once due to coughing or throwing up!

Kids Relief® Calm helped my son sleep through the night!

I tried Kids Relief® Calm last night and for the first time my son slept through the night and I was able to get a good nights sleep!

Kids Relief® works great!

I have many of your remedies in my medicine cabinet. Everything works great. So glad I can throw away the paraben filled Tylenol. Thank you!

Kids Relief® Allergy is amazing!

Just started using the Kids Relief® Allergy on my 3 year old.  Amazing!!!! Her eyes cleared up and her nasal cavity dried up. It was so quick to work. Love it! Fantastic.

The Kids Relief® Cough & Cold works wonders!

The Kids Relief® Cough & Cold formula worked wonders for my child's cold.  I'm super impressed!

In Just 2 days, their cough was gone!

I have never found anything so pleasing to give to my grandsons!  I stumbled upon this medicine by chance.  I was looking for a medicine to give to my grandsons who had all come down with a cold.  I went to HEB and purchased your Kids Relief® Cough & Cold product. Am I so glad that I did!  I came home and gave it to them and wow it really helped.  In just 2 days their cough was GONE!!  Thank you so much for coming out with such a wonderful product to keep our kids healthy without any side effects.  This is a blessing.  I have emailed everyone that I know about this wonderful helper!

I love the Kids Relief® Cough Syrup!

It works better than any other over the counter, is the safest thing any new mother can give her child, and works faster and better than anything I have ever tried! I always recommend it to all of my new mother friends.

The results of Kids Relief® Calm are amazing!

My 7 year old daughter was on the road of being diagnosed with ADHD but I stopped it because I didn't want to have her on medication. With Kids Relief® Calm, her behavior has drastically changed. She's well behaved and can concentrate on her school work. Before, she couldn't sit still for more than 2 minutes, always running around, screaming, being defiant and getting into trouble. Homework was a nightmare because she couldn't concentrate and would get distracted constantly. Something as simple as a fly going by would be enough to lose her concentration for up to 15 minutes before we could get her back on track. This product truly works and it shows when I forget one of her doses and her behavior goes down hill again. When she does have her Kids Relief® Calm, she acts like a normal, happy child playing with her siblings. This does not make her sleepy or zombie like in any way (unlike with medication) and there are no side effects. This product is absolutely awesome and I can go on about its benefits forever but it's better to see for yourself.

I am such a huge fan of Kids Relief® Calm!!!

We use it for both our two year old, and four year old girls. Kids Relief® Calm has saved us!!! It really is a great product. I've been telling all the moms and dads I know about it!

Kids Relief® Colic is truly amazing!

I have used this on my son since he was a month old. Having to see him deal with his painful gas killed me, and having to give him meds for it killed me even more. I then found the Kids Relief® Colic in my local health store and have used it on a weekly sometimes daily basis ever since. This product truly is amazing! It works within minutes to alleviate my son’s discomfort. I buy 2 at a time because I never want to be left without one! My only wish is that I would have found this product sooner! I can't wait to try the other products Kids Relief has to offer when needed. Thanks for making a great working, natural product. Oh..and my son loves the taste!

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