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Stay Up to Date at Kids Relief®

We recently changed our name from Kids 0-9™ to Kids Relief®.
Why the change? 

Our formulas are designed to treat a broad age range and we were getting steady inquires from moms on treating older children. The new name takes the upper age limit out of the equation.  We also feel Kids Relief® provides a clearer picture to moms what the products are for… relief for your children.  Lastly, although homeopathic products are the safest over-the-counter remedies on the market, all major homeopathic manufacturers have changed their children’s cold, flu and allergy products dosing instructions to no longer include children under the age of 2.  Kids Relief® will now follow that new industry standard (which is still 2 years younger than traditional over the counter medicines can treat).

There has been very little change in the appearance of the package, just the brand name switch so you should easily be able to find it on the store shelves.  Please make sure to double-check the directions on our new packaging because some of the information has changed.  The new information is also available on the individual product pages of our website.  If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a message.


Answers to some of your questions...

Could you tell me what prompted this change with your product?

The FDA requested changes to labeling for all OTC products. While the focus of their request was on traditional over-the-counter medicines, homeopathic remedies were also included.

Had there been unwanted side effects on children under two?

There have been no side effects with our products nor are we aware of any side effects of other homeopathic remedies. However, there have been several incidents with traditional over-the-counter medicines that contain such ingredients as Acetaminophen, Dextromethorphan, and Guaifenesin.

Why do some of your products, at other stores, still say 0-9?

Products are transitioning at store level. FDA wanted labeling changed but did not require any recall of existing product. This is a reflection of the very low risk involved.

Should I disregard the dosing directions on the 0-9 products and contact my doctor?

The safest bet is to contact your doctor or pharmacist. Remember that the changes in dosing only involved Cough & Cold, Allergy, and Flu products.

Do these 0-9 products actually go to age 12?

Yes. Similar to traditional OTC's, we recommend that children thru 12 use children strengths and dosages.  Afterwards, they can be moved to adult strengths and doses.

Is there a difference between your new products and the 0-9 products?

The products are the same safe and effective formulas.

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